September 10, 2011


After getting several feedback (yes, I do Voice of the Customers, LOL) and after looking at the current layout of this Blog, I believe now is a good 'rest point' and summarize what posts we have so far.

So here we go, I am going to list several popular entries, good to start from, based on several subjects:

Problem Solving:

Problemo Solved!
Simple Problem Solving
Creative Problem Solving
IDOAIM Problem Solving Series
Riddle Me This


The Luck Factor
Things You Cannot See
Important Quote
Stuck in the Past
Test Your Brain Response
Too Powerful to Worry


History of Jell-O
A Note from an Entrepreneur

As you see... Turns out that I am quite heavy on the Mindset subject. This is not intentional, but it shows my belief that solving problems creatively requires a fully checked mindsets. If you find yourself stuck: at work, at relationship, at business, or at anything, perhaps the answer is with the man in the mirror.


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  1. ...very good one, very helpful....put it on the "page" so it always come on the first page Dax :)
    keep posting ya, a lot of great stuff here!