September 04, 2011

Selamat Hari Raya Lebaran

I am back!

For now, at least.

It has been quite a hectic several months at my end, and it proves several things, related to Change Management:
  1. Creation of a new habit and new routine requires good time management: I started this blog with a serious intent to regularly keep it updated and pour (almost) everything I know about problem solving. Then I got into a strong headwind: Life and everything about it. First of all, I am currently involved in what I would like to call Project Utopia - a long term business transformation through the process of inductive evolution (are you hearing a tune from Tom Cruise's series Mission Impossible? Well, we'll see. This project is going to be a good series to write). Simply put, it is taking a huge amount of my time. Then there are other small pesky things such as Internet connection issue, writer's block, and health issue. My poor time management has put me behind on developing new blogging routine.
  2. Creation of a new habit and new routine requires a massive amount of willpower and discipline: Some of you might already think about this as you read point number 1 - All those reasons of being behind in my blog, they look like excuses. Surely you can get around them and write, Dax? Sure I can. I guess I have to admit it. My main issue is not enough will power to move a finger and type, and keep to my daily blogging schedule. Surely it only takes about 15-30 minutes to write a simple blog such as this one, and surely I can always squeeze in that time during the day. We daydream longer than that in a day. Test it out yourself - run a time journal for a week and be surprised at how much hours we waste.
  3. Creation of a new habit and new routine requires VISION and REASON - It needs a strong DESIRE: All right. I am not sure if I am 100% correct here. But when I look back and think of why I cannot get the willpower and the discipline I need to create this blog, probably it is because I lost my vision of purpose - perhaps I have become less willing to leave a scratch in the sea of information, and perhaps my head has too much cross talks to focus on why I am writing in the first place.
I am sure there are other reasons (excuses?) for a successful creation of a new habit in your work place (new process, new structure, new job description, new... anything), which is the essential result of any Change Management program. But I am sticking to these three main points: Making sure you spend time to adapt to change, making sure you WANT to change and stay on course of change, and making sure you know WHY you want to change.

Until next time.

3 komentar:

  1. HI Dax...
    totally agree with your 3 above points :)
    Keep on writing, please :b

  2. What's with the title of this post? I was hoping for pictures, recipes, and stories of Lebaran (and Lebaran food :D)... j/k.

    Great post, as always :).

  3. Hi Dax, how are you? Keep writing - you never know who is reading and benefiting from your thoughts and wisdom!