Mei 20, 2012

Too Heavy...

Quite recently one of my few readers told me that the topics in my blog is 'too heavy'... I need to lighten up a bit.

I agree with him. Actually, I know it for quite awhile, I just don't know how to 'lighten up' more than it already is :)

Maybe it is time to pull from the wisdom of the public...

Any ideas? :)

Mei 16, 2012


I talk to a lot of people, and they often told me that they are overwhelmed. In the spirit of problem solving, I find it interesting to take a look at this common condition using the IDOAIM framework.

Identify the reason: Do we want to stop feeling overwhelmed? This sounds like a silly question, but I found some people "enjoy" being overwhelmed. It gives them opportunity to talk, to complain, to be the center of attention. Yes, I agree that it is sick to be that way, but it is a sick fact. So, before moving forward, let's see if we really want to stop being overwhelmed. For example: we have been missing a good peaceful sleep because of stress and sleep is really, really something of value for us.

Once we identify the reason, the stronger reason the better, of working on this problem, we move on.