Maret 31, 2011

Problemo Solved!

This is a scene from Madagascar 2. Very hilarious!

I like this scene. It is funny, but it is most interesting to watch the penguins identify an anomaly (red light blinking), work the logic to solve it (a bulb is blinking, usually indicates a malfunction) - and solve the wrong problem (smash the bulb)! They solved the symptom of the problem, but did not get to the real root cause. They then finally realized the real problem only when it had propagated to an obvious, monstrous problem.

Have we done crash landing before? I sure have. More reason to understand and build our organizational learning capability.

2 komentar:

  1. I agree with you. So must go back to square one, see how we got here and then go back to the drawing borad, if we believe that all this has been designed by someone incompetent. If we trust that the design was good, then may be the implementation went wrong. So we need to check if the instruction manual was translated properly or not. Then we have the execution to check to se if anyone was cheating in the process, like in terms of complaince. And so on.

  2. Other point of view of the above also can be seen from the following angles:
    1. Ignorancy and over-simplifying the situation from the leader may lead to bad decission in catering the problems. Take an example of a company that having a Change Management programs that was conducted by good or the best consultant employed but still end up in failure. in relation to the aforementioned issue, I must say that not many leaders actually aware, that to have the programs work require their close monitoring and full committment. Usually they're taking things for granted and leave everything to the consultant employed.

    2. Communication break down
    Communication between sub ordinates and their superior actually often happened due to cultural background that then become the scape goat.

    Referring to one of the episodes of Air crash investigation Avianca Flight 52 - Ran out of fuel over New York. In the episodes, it was also explained that the co-pilot did not managed to deliver the sense of urgency that they are running out of fuel to the ground controller who asked them to go around and also to the captain as the leader of the plane.

    As sub ordinate, they have to be able to communicate and deliver the right sense of urgency of a situation. Fail in doing this, will cause their leader to take wrong decission as well.