Basic Brain Exercises

This is a section where we will post exercises that will help you develop your creative problem solving skill through unlearning and relearning process. Check back here often!

Exercise #1 - Warming Up:

Can you see both young and old ladies?

Bonus Exercise #1A:
Write down a 1 paragraph description of the picture. You should not use the term 'old lady' or 'young lady'.

The purpose of this bonus exercise is to make us realize that an object has no name until we name them. For us to gain a complete perspective of the object, we should not name it or give any characteristic to it.

Exercise #2 - Resist the Illusion

Find the longest and shortest line.

(Answer: There are all the same length)

Exercise #3 - What's in a name

Is this a mug or a glass?

Note: Try to defend both side of the answer. Why should we call this a mug? Why should we call this a glass? What is the technical definition of each?

The purpose of this exercise is to free us from getting too attach to a specific term / word that describe an object / situation / condition.

Exercise #4 - Hate and Love

This exercise is simple in description but very difficult in doing. Find something you do not like (don't go into people you hate, as it will make the exercise more difficult). Once you get an object, start to look at it and find positive features that you like and list 10 of them.

Once you can do this, you can do list of 20, and you can move on to people.

Watch the result of this exercise and be awed!

Exercise #5- Impossible

With a group of people find a global issue that is 'impossible' to solve (e.g. world hunger). Get rid of the 'impossible', and start listing ways to solve the issue. Have fun!