April 30, 2011

Things you cannot see...

Yesterday I was driving home late at night from a meeting in an area that I have never been to before.

The street was very dark, the only illumination in front of me were my two headlights. I was told to keep following the winding road in front of me until I found a street sign guiding me to the freeway entry ramp.

After 20 minutes of driving in the dark without any sign of the freeway ramp, I began to doubt the way I am going. Maybe I missed the street sign? Maybe the instruction was flawed?

Have you ever been in that kind of situation? Perhaps in your case, you were not trying to find a freeway ramp. Perhaps it was your current career or business that you do. You faced a big obstacle, or maybe you felt that you have missed the real opportunity because you have been doing what you were doing for quite some time with no significant breakthrough. You felt that you were heading nowhere.

What did you end up doing?