April 25, 2011

Problem Solving Series #1a - Pre-IDOAIM

IDOAIM is a good concept of problem solving.

However, based on my personal experience, there are some prepping that we need to do prior to using the framework. Let's call it "Pre-IDOAIM".

Before stepping into the problem solving steps, it is important that you have a good understanding of the conditions of yourself through the followings:
1. Self Perceptions toward Problem Solving
2. Positive Attitude toward Problem Solving

Edge of Perception by Dawid Michalczyk

 Self Perceptions (Internal) toward Problem Solving

It is how you perceive yourself and what you feel about yourself. At this stage, it might help to forget what other people have said about you. Try building a perception about yourself. Think that you are the kind of person that you would you like to be known as. Make yourself believe that you are that kind of person.

Saying what kind of a person you are out loud in front of the mirror regularly might help the process to plant the thinking and bring out the inner energy. The results of these steps are:
1. Good feeling about yourself
2. Full Energy / Excitement

Positive attitude (External) toward Problem Solving

The result of step 1 will enable you to see outside yourself from many angles. It will also erase any bad, inferior thoughts about yourself and any hesitation that might prevent you from making any breakthrough. Therefore, from there, the feeling should be amplified and transformed into a positive thinking: Believe that the problem is not beyond solving, regardless what other people said, and believe that you can walk through the process and gratefully come up with great solutions.

By doing the two things above, you expect to have:
  1. Confident in who you are and what you can do
  2. Energy and Excitement to welcome the end in mind
  3. Ability to see things in various angles, (you might need to be creative in seeing things differently)
  4. Neutral thoughts: Being able to separate between emotion and logic.
  5. Anticipation feeling in welcoming the unexpected during problem solving process.
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  1. That is interesting. I have a very short version of how to develop our creative thinking skill, and check out step #1 here