Maret 30, 2011

We are Just Not That Good

During my engagement as a management consultant, I often heard the following statement: "Your theory is good and logical. But we just don't have the resource to be *that* good." or "We just cannot be that creative, we cannot change." (we cannot learn).

Sometimes I manage to give them a different perspective and they realize that this kind of statement is very dangerous to be accepted and instilled as the organizational mantra. Not to mention that it is far from the truth.

Sometimes they can't get such perspective.

Is it a fair statement to maintain the status quo? First of all, shouldn't any organization dig deeper than accepting the fact that they are not *that* good? Why would anyone settle for being mediocre? Furthermore, is the problem really the lack of capacity of doing a certain program (e.g. 5S or CI), or the lack of desire to change?

Finally, why would anyone resist change, knowing that they will be swept away by growing competition and innovation by standing still? Or perhaps they are not aware of the fact that organizational learning and creative continuous improvement is needed for survival. Or perhaps they choose not to be aware of this? Ignorance is bliss (really?)

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