Oktober 06, 2011


October 2011 is an interesting month of my life. In the opening of the month, my distant in-law relative passed away abruptly due to a stomach aneurysm. Then my mentor's relative, who has been ill for quite some times, passed away two days ago. Almost at the same time, Steve Jobs passed away.

All these events reminded me about one thing that I have thought and desired long time ago. It is possibly the only thing that I desired most in life - the only important thing in my limited time here: Leaving a legacy.

Have you ever thought that there must be some cosmic reason for our existence? Have you ever thought that there is no way we 'just happen' to be around? Have you ever wonder that maybe the purpose of life is more than just wake up, go to work, go home, and go to sleep? If it isn't so, have you ever wondered why do we spend arguably more than 70% of our lives doing that? Does it bother you that you have not understood it after living 30 plus years? It bothered me. A lot.

For me, the day-in, day-out way of life is no longer attractive. These past events are a strong reminder to me that the most important thing in life is not the corner office, the big account, or the titles we hold. The most important thing in life is what we leave when we are no longer here. What we will be remembered as, how our kids will live their lives, and what we have done to our community. Everything else is just a shiny object distraction.

Are you working on your Legacy?

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