Mei 04, 2011

The Luck Factor by Dr. Richard Weisman

The Luck Factor: The Four Essential PrinciplesI was recently referred to the book by one of my entrepreneur friend. He persisted that this is a great book and every entrepreneur had to have one.

Well, I was very skeptical about this subject, initially. However, as I wrote about the importance of not having any biased skepticism and keeping our minds open for information (Creative Problem Solving Skills), I decided to take a look at this book.

This is an excerpt from

In a 10-year study of the beliefs and experiences of lucky and unlucky people, Dr. Richard Wiseman discovers that good fortune is less about supernatural forces and more about a positive attitude. His outline of the 4 essential principles to luck offers specific strategies for cultivating a state of mind more receptive to what will bring personal and professional success.

Wow. A scientific approach to Luck! Get this pdf from Dr. Weisman to get a summary of his theory. I have to give this a try

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  1. Good one... really cool thought.....

  2. Interesting read on positive attitude:
    It's genetic:-)