November 07, 2011

Problem Solving Series 6 - Improve the Situation

Here we are, almost done.

The next step after getting a good understanding of the source and reason of our problems, we then have to move forward to finding way(s) to improve the situation. I intentionally did not use 'solve the problem' here, because in many cases, a problem can not necessarily be solved immediately, but the situation can always be improved.

There are many ways, techniques, mind training, and many expensive coaching programs that specifically focus on this subject. Therefore, we are not going to go through any specific methods here. We will instead simply point out several things to think about:

  1. Problem solving is tightly related to creative thinking. We might think that creative thinking skill is 100% talent and cannot be required. However, according to a research conducted by Michael Michalko, it is entirely not true. We just need to train ourselves to be a creative thinker.
  2. In order to be a creative thinker, we need to read a lot about the subject of human minds and mindset. It is a long and perhaps never ending journey, but this blog is as a good starting point as anywhere. Feel free to explore.
  3. Use brainstorming when you can gather a good representative of each field / functional department that can objectively share each point of view and come up with out of the box ideas.
  4. Use SCAMPER as a reference / guiding tools when you want to generate ideas on how to solve your problems.
  5. If you fail to improve the situation, NEVER go back to the problem. Identify what you have learned from the failed effort, and revise your action based on what have been done. This requires patience and perseverance.
Good luck!

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  1. I like point #5
    if you fail to improve the situation, never go back to the problem.
    coz sometimes we talk to ourselves " see...i've tried it and failed, i better stick to the old way.."